The Story

Genevieve Tan, the founder and designer of YARD YARN was a graduate from Temasek School of Design. Like others, her career started at the age of 19.

At 26, she coincidentally launched YARD YARN without any clue of the future. Like all startups, there were unpredictable challenges before she manages to settle down and launch her first capsule in 2015. 

The collection garners a rise of attention from the unique choice of material. She uses unexpected daily hardware that is largely seen in the garment industry for her jewellery. They are surprisingly lightweight and wearable, despite being unapologetically bold. Her development continues to progress and the result is for those who seek individuality within craftsmanship. 

Each piece is carefully hand assemble and build to form. She works on endless and possible designs that put comfort as the priority for the long-wearer by keeping most pieces at 100g and below. The unique double clasps system that Genevieve developed makes alternating designs attainable.

New materials are often updated each season. To maintain the consistency and quality, tarnish-free 304 stainless steel and aluminium, that is introduced in the 3rd-quarter of 2018, are highly utilised. As part of the conscious movement, only synthetic leathers are being used.

Functional, reusable and presentable all at the same time. The selection of packaging collides closely to the brand identity. Setting the paper wrappers down before placing the merchandise that is sealed in a muslin pouch.

"We try to minimise repeated branding so that customers are able to reuse them whichever way they like."

The work of YARD YARN will be a good fusion of industrial and feminism, by adopting inspirations mainly from nature and daily objects.

"I love to daydream and I set the mood right."


"My message is straightforward, which is to promote the handmade industry localIy, and that quality designer pieces can be absolutely affordable. I take this venture to also educate consumers about the effort that is put into conceptualising and crafting. Even though this startup came at the weirdest timing, I can eventually look back without any regrets. YARD YARN has given me an outlet for my passion and I am the gladdest when people are appreciative of what I do. I am still hopeful of the future now and ever shall be."

- Genevieve Tan, Founder/Designer