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Something About LUMI METAL

Finally introducing a new material into our jewelry line! It has always been a challenge as I did not want to use random materials that can't uphold the consistency of quality and yet be able to be fluid with conceptualing ideas. Just then, aluminium came across my mind, and it really inspires me to get hands-on with it. I began moulding with the wrong tools initially, and forgo the idea for a bit. But, one fine day, I really thought I should work on it again. This time I succeeded and the result was surprisingly satisfying.  The expansion of ideas became real the more I work on it. And, I hope to expand this collection and implement new silhouettes in the near...


Customise Project: LUMI Alphabets Earrings for Bridesmaids' Gift

The initial worry is that we were not sure how well we are able to deliver the end product. There are a lot of bubbles crowding. Haven't done a thing like this, but thought that this is an entirely new and great challenge.  When LUMI launched, we received a rise of attention drawing to the new material implemented. Aluminium wire is mouldable, lightweight and durable all at the same time. Our customer was intrigued by this fact hence the prototype came about.  We are thankful that we didn't face any toppling moment. All went well and the gifts were presented all at the right time.  We can't promise and accept all customise project, however we are willing to give them...


New Stockist at Weekend Sundries

Congratulations to Weekend Sundries on their new store! We are excited as you are, and it is always a heartfelt moment when your business partners open a new space.  We sincerely hope the mall revamp will bring you great heights!  Not to mention that we have also stocked up some of our new arrivals at the store.  So, please visit Weekend Sundries at Great World City, #02-108.