Something About LUMI METAL

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Finally, introduce a new material into our jewelry line! It always has been a challenge. I did not want to use random materials that cannot uphold the consistency of quality. Just then, aluminium came across my mind, and it really inspires me to get hands-on with it. 

I began molding with the wrong tools initially and gave up for a while. Just recently, there was this calling that I should work on it again. This time I succeeded and the result was surprisingly satisfying. 

The more I work on it, the more the idea stars flowing in. I hope to expand this collection and implementing new motifs at the same time. 

For now, I cannot rave more that this metal is nickel-free, non-reactive and is super lightweight, doesn't tarnish or rust! So, you can wear them safely. Like myself, I have extremely sensitive skin too, hence the reason I have been very particular about choosing the right materials for YARD YARN. 

I hope you enjoy the collection and I cannot wait to develop more designs soon!

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