All for 18.3.18

How about expressing this emotion as childbirth? We have dropped many pieces, however, this felt like a beginning. With each drop, we gain a new chapter, and as for the Second Bloom, it did felt like we hit the peak of an unknown destination. 
We cannot emphasize enough that our main aim is to bring design and fashion closer to our audiences, hence a new direction this season to freshen things up a little. We will definitely make an effort to cater to the demands as much as we can. Bare with us!
Besides still images, we have added video editing to our side plate. This is pretty time consuming and you have to plan the plot ahead so you know exactly what to film throughout the process. As for us, we had a long time-lapse video and few snippets to conclude things up. So 'ta-da'! Here's our first behind-the-scenes teaser! 
We really hope you enjoy what we have put together and cheers to more posts on our work processes. 
Signing out for the day as we go prep for the Second Bloom.